Has anybody ever noticed how whenever you try talking to a girl, it’s never the right time? For instance, I’m trying to begin a conversation with this girl I’ve seen in between classes, but whenever I see her, she’s with her friends in a group of about 12. Now, I’m obviously not going to interrupt the conversation she has with her friends to simply say hi. And from the research I’ve been doing on the internet, the first premise of beginning a convo with a person you’ve never met, is to make eye contact. Not lingering stares but glances every once in a while to prevent creepiness. Next is to occasionally smile at them when and if they glance at you. In my opinion, this is a pretty creepy thing to do to someone unknown. However, the next premise is to walk up and introduce yourself. This seems in general to be a good system, and I might test it. But after the attempt, I will write down the results. If it doesn’t work, then I will have to find another system to recommend to people asking for advice. In the meantime, just remain friendly if you bump into them, maybe help them with the door or something. There’s a fine line between being cute and being creepy, and it depends based on your actions and the person.