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What has happened in the Ukraine is this: Russian-backed President Yankovich left the nation before gunmen stormed the parliament building and raised the Russian flag. Afterwards, camouflaged military men without insignia blocked off protestors, followed by official Russian troops blocking off access to the airports which were invaded by gunmen. Lately, Russian troops have invaded the country, commanding Ukrainian military units to surrender. Russian navy battleships are off the coast of the Ukraine, and have blocked off the Ukrainian navy which were commanded to stand down. The Ukrainian military has been mobilized and is standing off against Russia. This is a Russian military invasion of the Ukraine, and has been allowed by the Russian legislation. The United States and the United Nations have condemned the Russian actions, and have threatened to sanction the Russian Government. What happens next might depend on Russian response. The Ukrainian military might attack, which would be unwise. The Russian Government might withdraw the military, unlikely. Or the United States along with the G8 countries might sanction Russia and prevent its position on the international council, most likely. Any of the outcomes would result in bitter consequences for Russia, which should be obvious. This is cold-war thinking from Russia, and it will beget the same relations.