Top Gear is an originally English television show about cars. The show has been adapted to an American version, as well as from many other countries, however, this post is about the English original version. The hosts are Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, car experts. The show is about these guys testing the best cars in the world and comparing them in matters such as speed, horsepower, practicality, and manufacturer. Sounds dull? It isn’t. This show is one of the funniest and satisfying shows there is on television. and it is because of the comedians on it. Jeremy Clarkson is unapologetically rash, spilling insults on countries such as the United States and Albania. Jeremy is foul-mouthed, and has bashed car companies daily. He has acted belligerently in plain english, and that is what makes him funny. Hammond is the smallest of the guys, and is called the hamster. Hammond is a fan of American cars, and several times was the butt of jokes. James is the rather gentleman of the guys, and is called Captain Slow by Jeremy and Hammond. 

Several specials were filmed in America, as well as other countries in rather long contests. The funniest special was when the guys travelled the Middle East, many times wearing traditional garb for women, attracting criticism from Arabs everywhere. However, it isn’t comedy unless Jeremy is attacked by Hammond and James, who dub him, ‘a proper orangutan.’ Some of the cons of this show is that sometimes the comedy is a bit too offensive, which can happen whenever Jeremy is around. 

In general, Top Gear is a wonderful television program.