It is very easy to automatically categorize things, such as sky with the color blue. However, many people today think of religious people as opponents to same-sex marriage naturally based on some of the protests seen from religious organizations. It might interest everybody to know that 55% of Catholics and 30% of Evangelicals favor same sex marriage, which rounded is roughly 1 billion people. Not just ordinary people, but religious people, the same religious people often categorized as bigots. Now, is same-sex marriage a sin according to the Bible? Let’s examine the evidence: there are seven verses in the Bible about homosexuality. But remember, at this time there wasn’t a word for homosexuality, and the word sodomy isn’t confined to homosexuality. Now, there is that verse in Leviticus that specifically says, “Thou shalt not lie with man as with a woman, for it is an abomination.” Notice, this verse condemns men having sex with men, and we can assume the same with women. This verse doesn’t mention the state of someone being homosexual, just the actions. There are other verses in the Bible describing the attraction to the same-sex, but when you think about it: Same-sex marriage doesn’t automatically mean the couple will rush home and have sex. It just means that gay couples have the liberty to marry, but even before that, no law prevents them from living together. Preventing homosexuals from marrying does absolutely to prevent them from engaging in the behavior. And honestly, I see far more verses in The Bible instructing us to love one another and to forgive one another than to condemn homosexuality. “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” “Who are you to judge thy neighbor?” I will not condemn someone for their sexuality, especially considering the fact that they cannot control it. If homosexuality isn’t a decision, then it isn’t a sin. Besides, if being homosexual is a sin, I can’t imagine it being any more damaging than the sins of adultery, divorce, gluttony, dishonesty, and the many others we commit every day. The difference is that homosexuality cannot be simply be stopped when someone wishes, it is something from birth. I have heard of gay Christians, such as Justin Lee. And, to reflect Pope Francis’ message: “If a gay person does what is right and seeks The Lord, who am I to judge my neighbor?”