One of the most heated debates in the United States today is abortion and motherhood. The pro-abortion camp insists that abortion is a liberty every woman has the right to, while the Pro-life camp says that everyone has the right to be born. Which side am I? I declare very proudly that I am Pro-life, and I do not see that as synonymous as misogyny. Considering the fact that 60% of pro-life members are women, who are 2x more likely to be pro-life than men, it is obvious that it is not simply old sexist white men. That comment itself is sexist and racist, and ignorant as well. Next: Is being pro-life confined to religion? Well, I would like to tell that to Christopher Hitchkins, atheist intellectual who has declared that he was pro life. I would also like to tell that to the many atheistic pro life organizations, and to the 19% of atheists who are against abortion as well. Reason and compassion isn’t confined to one group of people, but is a human characteristic. 80% of all abortions are over the matter of convenience, which is absolutely ridiculous. A child is a privilege, not an inconvenience, a human, not a blob of cells, a miracle, not an oppression. Then there are the people who abort their children simply because they cannot support them, this is hogwash. Adoption is a very good option for ‘unwanted’ children, and the fostercare system is being changed everyday. Then, lastly, there is the matter of rape and incest, two very abominable things. I recognize the trauma felt by these poor women, and hope that justice is finally brought to the criminals. However, instead of abortion, I think there should be more funding of organizations who help women to progress through this together. Adding violence to the situation doesn’t solve the problem, adding compassion and understanding does. Trust me, the rapist should remain in prison forever, but I don’t think the child should be punished for his father’s crime. Then we have the problem of abortion as a necessary procedure. I recognize that in some circumstances, abortions are necessary, which is why I only think abortion should be legal in certain cases. Let’s not forget the risks of abortion as well as the benefits. In summary, I think abortion in most cases is wrong.