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“For a man with faith, no evidence is required. For a man without faith, no evidence is possible.” -St. Thomas Aquinas

The above quote is quite true honestly, at least in most circumstances. I have heard the most brilliant rebuttals to common atheist objections, and even evidence for God and Jesus. Such evidence came from people such as William Craig, John Lennox, and Bart Erhman. William Craig skillfully has debated the foremost atheist apologists with factual evidence, and even reason. John Lennox successfully countered Richard Dawkins, who then cowardly refused to debate William Lane Craig. Bart Erhman called atheists “amateurish,” for challenging Jesus’s historicity. Yet, despite the success of those defending Christianity and God in general, atheists simply refuse to admit they have found a mighty opposition. This could be considered cognitive dissonance, which is always a weapon utilized by atheists to prevent any rebuttal.